Alcohol Facts

One of the most familiar facts about alcohol is that a person who regularly drinks abusively and has become physically dependent on this substance is suffering from alcoholism. Unfortunately, alcohol has destroyed many lives and caused a wide variety of problems for the individuals who are unlucky enough to suffer from this disease.

It wasn’t always categorized as a disease, but it is recognized that way now because medical science finally understands that the people who experience addiction to alcohol cannot easily give up the use of it without going through a host of physical and mental complications.

As far as information about alcohol is concerned, not only does it have devastating effects on the body, but it will also have devastating effects on your relationships and your overall mental health. But getting back to the physical effects, alcoholic beverages can easily bring about such troubles as:

  • Anemia
  • Heart attack
  • Heart problems
  • Liver disease
  • Blood sugar issues
  • High or low blood pressure

Alcohol Facts

Alcohol also has a strong influence over your memory, and if you abuse it for an extended period of time it can be deleterious to your memory and your ability to think clearly. One of the worst facts about alcohol is just how powerful this addiction is and just how much it is affecting our population negatively. There have been a lot of surveys done regarding alcohol and some of the results that these surveys have achieved are absolutely disturbing.

A recent survey shows that there are 17.6 million Americans regularly abusing or misusing alcohol throughout their personal lives. This is an increase from the decade prior to the survey where it was only estimated that 13.8 million adults. That is a relatively large jump in only 10 years, and it shows unfortunately that the abuse of alcohol is certainly on the rise. This is one of the realities of alcohol that I wish I didn’t have to report to you, but it’s the absolute truth so you obviously must know it.

Another truth about alcohol that may surprise you is that twice as many people are dependent on drinking as there are people who are dependent on illegal drugs. So even though alcohol is a publicly accepted stimulant, it is a destroyer of lives and it should be recognized as such because it hurts a lot of people and the public seems to easily be able to ignore this fact.

Some more shocking facts are that there are a lot more children abusing alcohol and they are doing so at younger ages. The rate of children who are considered problem drinkers below the age of 15 has increased a great deal and it’s estimated that around 9000 children at this very young age each year have to be admitted to some form of an alcoholic rehabilitation program to help them deal with their disease.

The facts about alcohol surrounding crime in America are also kind of scary and something that you probably really don’t want to hear. You may not realize this, but 40% of the aggressive crimes that take place in America are done under the influence of beer or wine. It’s also a major contributing factor in automotive accidents and if you are a drunk driver and you kill someone behind the wheel you are considered a murderer if you didn’t know that already.

So keep that in mind the next time you decide to get behind the wheel of a car while you are driving drunk. You just might end up murdering somebody and you know as well as I do that you really aren’t going to want to deal with the consequences of that situation. The guilt alone will ruin the rest of your life. Thanks for taking the time to read all about these facts about alcohol. I really hope they have enlightened you a great deal about the subject at hand.