Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependency is defined as a person’s inability to control their compulsion to drink alcohol and they experience uncontrollable cravings that can mean a physical dependency in their body. Unfortunately, there are a whole host of reasons a person can become addicted to alcohol.

There are a lot of beliefs that there are genetic reasons this happens, and there are also neurological factors that can get involved and even chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that may bring about dependency in a person. There is a strong belief and evidence that if a person cannot find a way to manage alcoholism then it will end up becoming worse and drop their quality of life as time goes by.

The issue of addiction is still a very widely debated one and there are quite a few different schools of thought on how alcohol abuse exists. There are a lot of experts out there that believe alcoholism is a biological problem, but there really isn’t any definitive proof that this is the case, and there are people trying to make alcoholism a political issue instead of a medical one.

Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism has to be considered a medical condition if the people suffering are going to get the proper help that they need. So it really doesn’t matter what category alcoholism falls under in one way, except that it does matter in another way because it needs to be medical in nature.

Here are some of the various components of addiction to alcoholic beverages:

  1. Alcoholism is also known as a physical addiction where, once a person becomes dependent on alcohol they have to keep a certain amount of it in their system at all times in order to function properly and prevent withdrawal symptoms from kicking in.
  2. Alcoholism is also a great creator of social problems because people who suffer from addiction usually have struggles like they lose their job, they may have problems with money, they are having conflicts within their marriage, they may have recently become homeless, they commit crimes to support their addiction, and the people around them no longer respect them.
  3. It’s a psychological addiction that makes a person believe that they function better in social situations when they regularly ingest alcohol in large group settings.
  4. Struggling with alcohol abuse can have many different negative effects upon the life of the person who is dealing with this difficulty. It also causes a major problem for the loved ones of this individual because they really do not know how to handle what is happening to this person in their lives.
  5. Alcohol dependency is also a neurochemical addiction that takes place inside of a person’s brain where it leads them to believe that it’s healthy for them to drink large quantities of beer. This is often why the alcoholic appears to be nuts to regular people who don’t suffer from this addiction because they’ve never experienced their brain telling them that they need a substance to this degree. Your brain will release endorphins when you give it alcohol which will lead you to believe that you are doing a good thing because you feel better.

So there is an overall imbalance in the entire family when one is battling with a strong issue of alcohol dependency. So you really need to help this person as best you can and try to get them to see that they need to make some changes in their lives and they need to give up drinking for good.